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Together with our expert therapists, you will develop the right solutions for your health. Our therapeutic work is characterized by individual and custom-built therapy program for your special needs. Here you can find an overview of our possible treatments.



Physical Therapy


Definition of conventional physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy (until 1994 also: medical gymmnastic) is a form of therapy that aims to maintain the movement and functioning of the body or restore. It serves to promote health.

The ability of the patient to move and function can be reduced by illness, accidents, congenital disorders or by misconduct in everyday life.

Applications of various active and / or passive forms of treatment can eliminate pain, restore healthy (physiological) movements, compensate for unbalanced muscular strength (muscular imbalances) and promote motor abilities for children.


The Dr.Hartard-Physio-Vibbing Concept


In Dr. Hartard's Physio-Vibbing concept we focus on training with vibration as well as treatment with magnetic fields and their advantages. The physiological benefits of increased blood flow are not only used while training to improve performance and faster recovery, but especially in the treatment of injuries (OPs), degenerative processes in the aging process (eg, arthrosis) and to increase blood circulation in muscular imbalances, caused by a reduced cell metabolism. The blood flow can be increased by up to 30% with this method.


The application and the use of this harmonic oscillation in the sections of training, recovery and therapy allow us to broaden the boundaries of conventional physiotherapy.


This results in faster, more effective and more sustainable treatment successes, especially for patients who considered to be untreatable by conventional physiotherapy.


Mechanical vibrations / waves


Depending on the frequency range and / or amplitude of the muscle, the vessels or the body react in different ways.


The frequency ranges and amplitude levels of the training are therefore not chosen arbitrarily, but arise directly from the physiology.

For example, during mid-range training (12-20 hertz oscillations per second), not only simple muscle functions are trained, but also other muscle groups due to high co-contraction. The low frequency ranges (5-10 hertz) are suitable for detonation / muscle relaxation, cool-down and regeneration. The latter, accompanied by physical rest, leads to an over-significant increase in blood flow.


Electromagnetic oscillations / waves


In processing!


An electromagnetic wave is a wave of coupled electric and magnetic fields

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