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Our Principle: From research to Practice

The beginnings


In the years 1996-97, the working group "Muskulo-Skelettale-Interaktion" was founded at the TU and LMU Munich. The focus of the working group was on directing studies treating osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.


Since 2006, examination series have also been conducted on this research area.




The development in the focus of a modern form of physiotherapy was initiated in 2008. As a consequence a combination of increasingly empirically secured elements of the training instruction and the newest findings in the field of vibration theory were integrated in the therapy sessions with patients.




This development culminated in the opening of our physiotherapy practice in the Olympischen Dorf in August of 2011. The therapy contents are based on the more than four years of scientifically examined and validated new therapeutic elements, which were finally summarized in the Dr.Hartard-Physio-Vibbing ® Concept .


The harmonic vibration makes the difference!



It is one of the most important models for motion sequences in physics.


Sound waves, water waves and electromagnetic waves can be compiled of sine waves.



Scientifically* proven backgrounds that explain the processes of mechanically, thermally or electromagnetically inducible vasomotion (= vascular movement of arteries and veins) allow us to significantly expand the boundaries of traditional and previously known physiotherapy.




* (On October 12, 1998, Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro, and Ferid Murad were awarded with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in Stockholm for their research in nitric oxide (NO).)

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