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Diana Hartard


Doctor and

Owner / Managing Director

Dr. med. Dr. med. rer. nat.

Manfred  Hartard


Scientific consultant


Aleksandra Katic

State-certified physical therapist


Therapy Direction


Certified trainings and further education:

  • manual lymph drainage
  • treatment of fibromyalgia, also in groups
  • spine therapy in accordance with Dorn & Breuß


Further qualifications:

  • Bobath - Basic and Build-Up course
  • Manual theraphy
  • physiotherapy on the device (ongoing)


Diana Herteg

Medical assistent int the field of physiotherapy


Physiotherapy Assistent


Further qualifications:

  • Quiromassage
  • professional masseuse


Agnes Weinl

State-certified physical therapist




Certified trainings and further education:

  • manual therapy
  • pyhsiotherapy on the device
  • MTT


Further qualifications:

  • Osteopathy
  • OMT
  • Kinesio-taping compact


Carolin Ostheimer

State-certified physical therapist


Office Management and Physiotherapy


Training and further education:

  • Acupuncture Training (EIOM Munich)
  • Non-medical practitioner training (still running)


Stephan Müller

Intern / aspirant of sports management

(German University for Prevention and Health Management)


Office Management and sportive Assistent


Continuing Education:

  • Medical Informatics - intermediate diploma


Katerina Honzikova

Certified office administrator


Office Management


assistent in:

  • reception
  • therapy
  • intern organisation

Team Physio-Vibbing®

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